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We wanted to compile everything related to Duff McKagan’s solo album, Tenderness. Here, you can explore the heart and soul of this critically acclaimed record, from its initial release in 2019 to the electrifying live experience captured in the 2024 anniversary release, Tenderness: Live in Los Angeles. Dive into the lyrics, listen to the tracks, and discover the stories behind songs, from the poignant reflections on social issues to the raw vulnerability of Duff’s personal experiences. This portal is designed to provide a comprehensive journey through the Tenderness universe, offering interviews, behind-the-scenes glimpses and more.

Kerrang Magazine

Duff McKagan discusses the profound impact of recent years touring with Guns N’ Roses and reflects on themes of life and loss in his new solo album, “Tenderness.” He also shares his thoughts on the future of the band and how his experiences have influenced his music and personal outlook.


This article explores how Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan’s new solo album “Tenderness” reflects a more thoughtful, socially conscious side of the hard-partying rock star. After extensive world travels on GNR’s recent reunion tour, McKagan teamed up with producer Shooter Jennings to craft an album that tackles weighty issues like gender equality and gun violence through a lens of compassion rather than preaching.

Seattle Times

Duff explores the personal and creative influences behind an unexpected shift, including McKagan’s working-class Seattle upbringing, his recent reflections on homelessness, and his newfound perspective on the world after years of sobriety. “Tenderness” showcases a more thoughtful, compassionate side of McKagan, drawing on his working-class Seattle roots and his sober life, offering a unique blend of country influences and introspective lyrics.


Spin Magazine

Duff  discusses his new album “Tenderness” and his views on social media, cable news, and the current political climate. He reflects on his punk rock roots and how he learned about the importance of truth in music and the dangers of being labeled. McKagan also shares his experience touring with Guns N’ Roses during the rise of the Trump era and how he channeled his frustration into songs about gun violence, homelessness, and political division.


Rolling Stone

Duff McKagan on his solo album “Tenderness”. It explores the album’s themes of social issues, McKagan’s personal experiences with addiction, and his evolving views since the controversial “One in a Million” song. The article also highlights his collaboration with producer Shooter Jennings and their shared musical influences.

Bass Magazine

“The heartbreak, anger, fear, confusion and divide I have experienced over the last two and a half years of traveling this globe of ours coerced these words into songs that tell my truth, and one that I hope will spread and help us all.”


An Essay On Tenderness - By Duff