July check in: Glastonbury, UK & radio news

11 July 2023

I just want to say, that I absolutely LOVE Taylor Hawkins. It was a true gift in my life to able to become close friends with him over the past eight or so years. His loss was shocking to all of us…and for me, it was gut-punch that still has me bent and twisted-up.

And so last month, It was a week before GN’R were to play The Glastonbury Festival in England. I get a text that The Foo Fighters were going to play their first show back since Taylor’s passing. I wasn’t able to go to either of the shows Dave put on in memory of Taylor, as GN’R was touring through all of that. Foo’s are to play a secret show at 6pm at Glasto the night before us. I was not going to miss this, and Susan flew in early so we could go together.

New Foo’s drummer Josh Freeze is a musician and PERSON that I have always thought very highly of. I knew Taylor loved his drumming as well, and there really is, for now, no one more perfect to step-up to this lofty drum seat behind the Foo Fighters. I’m so relieved that it’s Josh. A family man, a straight shooter, a gentleman, and just an absolute beast on the drums.

As the Foo’s came on stage, i gotta say, that I started the well up as I looked at that drum kit without Taylor there. But Josh Freeze did something incredible; he commandeered the position, shined a light on that space, and payed absolute tribute and played with an indescribable honor to Taylor. In the end, i wept….for so many reasons.

The following week, my daughter Grace played a show in London at The Camden Assembly. She and her band had played Glastonbury, but at 3AM-and while yes, that IS when all the groovy kids go and get get their ya-ya’s out….it was much past my bedtime. It was a great gig for them at Glasto…and I think there was some apprehension, or nerves, about doing their own show in London. Would people show up? Well yes, and it sold OUT.

Susan and I got there just in time to see her and the band hit the stage. The sound in there was amazing, and lights were just killer. My LIGHTHOUSE producer (and great friend) Martin Feveyear happened to be in England and came to the gig. It was so awesome to watch the show with him. He’s known Grace her whole life, and we both watched in awe as they just kicked all kinds of ass! Go see her play if you get a chance. Really cool new-waveish grooves and super great songwriting. The band guys are all at the top of their game…and I know I’m her Dad, but Grace is just a fucking force!

I hope all of you are well and good. Susan and my radio show ‘Three Chords And The Truth’ is currently being picked up in a ton of European countries and the UK….so tune in for more of my ramblings. Susan doesn’t ramble…I however, do.

Take Care